Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Day 6

The weather on the West Coast Trail today was 3C and rainy -- just about identical to the weather in Boston. How did we do?


Bonnie said...

I didn't walk today because my Achilles tendon is tender again. Ice and heat, instead. Arrrggghhhh!!!!

EJ said...

Ouch! I hope you feel better soon, Bonnie.

I did 2.42 miles today
Total: 8.98 miles

(1.5 miles was at work today! Busy is great for the bottom line but a little hard on my back!)

Jean said...

Hugs, Bonnie.

Today's haul? 9,000 steps, 4 miles
Total: 17.8 miles

Two Hershey walks for 3948 steps and 38 aerobic minutes.

Valerie Comer said...

Oh, Bonnie, I'm sorry to hear about your tendon acting up again. Hope it settles down soon.

EJ, I'm starting to wish I'd cut you slack for snow, then maybe I'd get some today. Sigh. I took a second walk after work because I couldn't get enough time/ distance in the morning.

Today's total: 8156 steps/ 3 miles
Trip so far: 14.4 miles (less than Jean...argh...why no, I'm not competitive at all!)

Margaret said...

Ouch Bonnie. Glad you're taking care of it though. And the rest of you put me to shame :).

Don't care. I got LOTS of walking today.

Steps: 8128
Miles: 3.2
Total so far: 13.77

Big day for me. On top of my two walks, I had appointments that were close enough so I parked the car at one, walked to the other, then walked back. Oh, and took the stairs rather than elevator where possible and my pedometer doesn't even count those steps usually :).

Random Walk Writer said...

My pedometer fell off at some point in the day, and I didn't realize it until after dinner. I'm taking credit for 2.5 miles, based on 1.5 just getting the kid to and from the bus stop.