Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Day 26

Wow, I'm first? Did all you Easterners take your pedometers to bed with you? :O

So when I got back to the store this morning, after my walk, I discovered that I'd somehow tucked the pedometer into my waistband wrong and it had counted no steps at all. Being as I've noticed that I'm averaging about 100 steps a minute, I'm calling the morning walk 5000 steps, and with what counted after that, I'm at 6828 for the day, which we'll call 2.5 miles for a February total of 75.6 miles.

Walking at home will be entertaining on the weekend. Our driveway and road are a mud and slush pit, so bad we're back to driving the truck because we keep getting stuck with the car. With the snow plow piles on either side of the driveway, there's no place for the slush to drain away to when it melts. It just sits there and refreezes at night. What a mess.


Bonnie said...

We had slick snow and slop last night, so I did my 3 miles on the exercise bike. Read a big chunk of my murder mystery, then took a nice bath.

41.3 plus 3 gives me 44 and a very good possibility that I will actually finish the trail before the end of the month :)

EJ said...

I'm not desperate enough to wear my pedometer in bed---yet. My computer was cranky last night and didn't want to load the comments box. Poor dear is getting old and tired. I managed, somehow, to get 2 miles in yesterday, bringing my total to 43.4. I'm right on schedule to finish this week. That's good, since I've got a road trip on Saturday and will be lucky to get a 1/2 mile walking.

Jean said...

Um...*blush* I must have. I powered down last night before I realized I hadn't posted, so I made a note.

EJ, I'm sooooo not going there. Unless, maybe, you have Restless Leg Syndrome....

But my count wasn't too bad: 4.8 miles for a total of 83.6 miles this month.