Saturday, February 23, 2008

Day 23

Did my regular loop twice today -- the nice thing about snow in February, as opposed to snow in December, is that now the sun is starting to come back and shines down with enough warmth to melt the ice on the roads. So no problems with footing.

33.6 + 3.2 = 36.8


Jean said...

7000 steps and 3.1 miles. 3764 aerobic steps in 35 minutes.

Total miles: 76.1

Glad to hear you've had solid footing, Bonnie.

Valerie Comer said...

9273 steps/ 3.5 miles
69.1 miles total

Walked the length of our road first thing (8:30ish) while it was still mostly frozen. Jim and I walked part of it again in the afternoon when it was muddy. Great fun.

Margaret said...

That's good for you, Bonnie. Not true out here :).

Steps: 4565
Miles: 1.8
Total so far: 59.57

Actually feeling a bit better today, so went for a walk at the heat of the day…must have been at least 33 degrees Farenheit :P. Then had a very short snowball fight with my oldest which ended up with me ducking, sliding, and landing ignominously in the snow. Oh, but we did get to see the heron this morning before it started snowing. We're now up to at least 4 inches.

EJ said...

I've got 4 miles in for the last two days. Total 39.3. Weather's crap but work was busy.

Random Walk Writer said...

Another 0.3 miles

Total 27.8

*sigh* I think I'll be stuck halfway down the trail at this rate.

Bonnie said...

Don't worry, we'll send the seaplane in for you.