Thursday, February 21, 2008

Day 21

I did my usual loop, 1.6 miles, for a total of 31.1.

Bright moonlight with a few hazy clouds drifting across a sky that was the definition of midnight blue. Temperature around 20F and dropping. Definitely brisk.


EJ said...

Only 1.3 miles today, which isn't all that bad considering we have an inch of sleet so far and I never left the house today. I didn't even venture out to get the mail. ;)

Total: 35.3 miles

joyce said...

helped a friend move boxes today, that ought to count as my weight training:) I would probably have more miles if I would track all my steps, but still walking more than I did, so I am happy.
Wed 1.5 miles
Thurs 1.2 miles

total to date 22.6

Jean said...

7461 steps for 3.3 miles.

Aerobic-wise, we're looking at 3401 in 32 minutes.

Total mileage: 69.7 miles

Valerie Comer said...

8202 steps/ 3.1 miles
62.7 miles total

If I wasn't getting that 50-55 minutes before work, I'd be sunk. It's the vast majority of my steps on any given day. Foggy and cold today--about five below freezing. At least at that time of day the mud is still frozen. :P

Margaret said...

Steps: 3698
Miles: 1.45
Total so far: 57.06

Another low day, but considering that every single one of those steps was in the house? Not bad :).

Maripat said...

4 miles. 51 miles total.

Random Walk Writer said...

Hooray, Margaret, for getting out of the house.

And great work, Joyce, on the boxes!

0.8 miles?
Total: 27.2