Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Day 19

Busy, busy. The weather is holding for now so maybe I can make a little more progress.

Today and yesterday: 2.5 miles
Total: 32.65

How long is this thing? 47 miles?


Jean said...

You're doing great EJ.

Today, I got 7800 steps for 3.4 miles.

Aerobically speaking, I got 3530 in 33 minutes.

Total mileage: 63 miles

Valerie Comer said...

today: 7098 steps/ 2.7 miles
Total: 57 miles

Got a short walk before work, but had to grab groceries and I guess I don't walk as fast in the grocery store as on the street! So I pulled another walk at home after. The sun was shining brightly (if not warmly) when I set out, but once it dipped behind the hill I thought I was going to freeze to death. BRRR.

Margaret said...

Steps: 958
Miles: 0.37
Total so far: 54.42

My steps consisted of walking between my desk and the tissue box. No outside adventures for me today :P."

joyce said...

a couple of lazy days, and finally back at it today.
Sun - .5 miles
Mon - .5 miles
Today 2.4 miles

total travelled 19.9 miles - should have tracked that hour of cooking, I guess, then it would be an even 20

Bonnie said...

2 miles yesterday, for 29 total.

EJ said...

*L* Joyce! Every single step counts! I've been known to clip my pedometer to the belt of my bathrobe. My boss has stopped apologizing for my multiple trips to the back room for stuff. I've muttered 'West Coast Trail' enough that she doesn't think about it twice anymore.

Random Walk Writer said...

0.7 miles. Guess that's what I get for staying home instead of going out shopping like I'd intended.

Total: 24.4 miles