Monday, February 18, 2008

Day 18

I'm doubling back on the trail. I think I dropped something.

Today, I walked for 5200 steps and 2.3 miles. For aerobic steps, I logged 3537 in 33 minutes.

Total distance: 59.6 miles


Bonnie said...

One of the more useful concepts I learned at this weekend's convention was "onageristic analysis." An onager is a kind of bad-tempered wild donkey.

I'm using onageristic analysis to figure out how much I walked over the weekend. I'm guessing six miles since last report, which would put me at 27 miles, or the equivalent of finishing a marathon.

Valerie Comer said...

WooHoo for the marathon, Bonnie!

Hope you find what you dropped, Jean.

Today: 8487 steps/ 3.2 miles
Total: 54.3

'Twas mighty brisk temperatures this morning at walk-time. BRRR. Maybe I walked faster just to keep warm.

Margaret said...

Nice work, Bonnie! You too, Jean and Val.

I'll keep an eye out for your object, Jean, but I'm stumbling tired after today and so I think I wandered off the trail a bit :p.

Steps: 5831
Miles: 8.3
Total so far: 54.05

My steps don't show the mileage because my pedometer can't record my mileage, but that is not a typo. Went cross-country skiing today on two 3.5 km trails that were each 90% walking cause we're greenies :). According to the site owner, including the ways to and from the trails, we did 6 miles. Wow. The last time I went cross-country, I was younger than my boys. Had several spectacular spills, but no broken bones and we all had a great time. Then my stepper did record the distances from the car and back and from the bathroom and back because it was all on foot...and both were reasonable hikes :), as well as miscellaneous walking. So the steps don't connect to the mileage this time.

Bonnie said...

Oooh, sounds like fun, Mar :)

Random Walk Writer said...

Catching up my days (as usual!)

2/14: 5456 steps, 1.9 miles
2/15-18: 11100 steps, 3.9 miles

The bulk of the weekend steps were Saturday and Sunday. Friday and Monday were days when it was easier to drive 300 miles than walk 1. Not that the driving was necessarily easy.

Total: 23.7 miles

At this rate, I'll be about 9 km shy of finishing the trail at the end of the month. I need to step up my pace a bit.

EJ said...

What did you drop, Jean? I found this funny key on the trail and I was going to turn it in to a ranger, but I haven't found one yet.