Friday, February 29, 2008

I am so far behind everyone I might as well be first! I have spent time helping a friend move, but of course never think to take the pedometer with me, but since we spent the weekend in Kamloops, not many miles have been logged.
Friday we drove
Sat we moved boxes, moved boxes, and then went shopping at the mall - I will give myself a mile, since I know it was more.
Sun we drove back, but stopped in Golden where I met up with daughter who was taking an avalanche safety course, and drove her home since she tumbled down the hill on Sat and hurt her neck and shoulders. Did quite a bit of walking while waiting for her, so will give myself another mile.
also managed to hurt my foot, so slowed down once I got home.
Mon, sore foot, no walking. Tues, went to gym, used bike but no walking. Wed, walked dog, 1 mile.
thurs, hurt foot again, no walking. Friday, met trainer at gym, 1.5 miles on elliptical, now things are getting back on track!
total since last post 4.5 miles,
total to date 27.1

even though I am so far behind, I still like tracking it this way, cause at least I put a bit more effort into it.
hope you all are having a good day.


Bonnie said...

Nice work sticking with it, Joyce!

I rode a mile and a half on the exercise bike this afternoon, so I'm in at 47.7. I'll probably get more later when we go for our walk after dinner, but I won't be logging on to report it :)

Jean said...

Joyce, you're probably getting more miles than you realize.

Today's count? 6000 steps for 2.65 miles. Total miles for this trip: 93.85.

3317 aerobic steps in 31 minutes.

As Val says, I think I got a round-tripper in, but now I'm going to miss the float plane.

But, hey! Isn't that a dogsled and team over there? I'll catch a ride to the airport and catch up with you guys at the trailhead for the next leg.

Valerie Comer said...

Today: 7666/ 2.9 miles
February total: 84.4

EJ- I read your post to hubby and now I have been serenaded Desperado. Um. Thanks?

Way to go, Joyce! And welcome back.

Bonnie said...

I did get the extra 1.6 miles for walking around the block, which puts me at 49.3 for February.