Friday, February 22, 2008

Day 22

Pretty routine day today -- almost the same as yesterday, it turns out.

7500 step for 3.3 miles. 3428 aerobic steps in 33 minutes.

Total distance? 73 miles

The guy still hasn't come back to finish the tree job, which means my fence is still down. Tomorrow, I'm going to drag the fence out of my neighbor's side yard and into my back yard. I'm not happy that the guy left the fence parts sitting in my neighbor's yard. I'm tempted to reassemble the gate myself. I'm tired of having to have Hershey in the house (he's not complaining, of course.).


Valerie Comer said...

7612 steps today/ 2.9 miles

Total: 65.6 miles

And I guess the Hoar Frost essay tells you what my walk was like!

Margaret said...

Steps: 1811
Miles: 0.71
Total so far: 57.77

Wet snow + cold do not = happiness so I stayed locked inside all day. The only exercise I got was my WII shoulder work and that made my lungs burn so I think I made the right call :).

Hugs on the fence, Jean.

Jean said...

That was an enviable walk, Val.

Good for you on the Wii Work, Margaret.

Bonnie said...

Very annoying about the fence, Jean. Hugs on the lungs, Mar -- I hope you get better soon!

We braved the snow and storm and drove to Boston for the concert. Roads sloppy and visibility not great, but really not terrible conditions going in, though coming home got a bit adventurous for a few minutes when a heavy band of snow hit us in an area that hadn't been well plowed. But that only lasted a few minutes. We got home to another 5" in a driveway that had been freshly plowed just before we left. Getting into the garage was the hardest part of the night.

Walking: quite a lot of it. I'm going to guess about 2.5 miles total. That would put me at 33.6.

Random Walk Writer said...

Very impressive, everyone!

Me? Stuck in the house, didn't do much. 0.3 miles.

Total: 27.5