Monday, February 4, 2008

Day 4

I thought you might enjoy a glimpse of the trail and the sights along it, so I hunted up this You-Tube clip. How has Day Four been treating you?


EJ said...

Better. I got 1.6 miles in today, and that's with a couple big chunks of 'sitting time' (Bible study, and waiting around while Vicky was in tutoring). That puts me over 3 miles total.

EJ said...

Hey, I found my missing day! I was so disgusted with the old pedometer that I forgot to log .8 mile for day 2. If y'all still let me count it, that gets me to 3.8 miles! Woo hoo!

Jean said...

Looking at 5200 steps today and 2.3 miles. Total: 9.7 miles

A little slower than what we planned to pace, but better than it might be. Would you believe I stopped to play with the seals? (sea lions?)

Valerie Comer said...

You certainly may log your missing day, EJ. Sounds like you should take up pacing during Bible Study! (I did well during church, my neck was bugging me and I could NOT sit on the pews so paced the lobby and listened from there: 500 steps :P)

Jean, keep your paws off the sea lions. Sheesh.

Today's steps: 8455/ 3.2 miles
Total so far: 11.4

Margaret said...

Well, my day was not anywhere near as exciting as Jean's :). Where are my seal lions? But that's great that you found your lost day, ej.

Steps: 3918
Miles: 1.54
Total so far: 7.39

These numbers are totally bogus thanks to wearing the wrong type of pants. It makes me want to splurge for the type of pedometer my parents got that goes in any pocket, even a shirt pocket I believe, and counts your steps so you don't have to find a place to clip it on that is vertical to the ground, which is where I ran into trouble. These numbers signify walking Jacob to his busstop, a trip longer than the basic walk I take with Colin, the basic walk with Colin, plus four loads of laundry, and going out to a meeting. Since the normal walk is over 1 mile just by itself... So when I measure out the walk to Jacob's busstop, I'll figure the ratio and fix this one.

Bonnie said...

I got my usual evening walk for 1.6 miles, total 4.8. My cold seems to be mostly gone, except for a bit of a cough, and I expect to start picking up mileage either Tuesday or Wednesday.

Did not see sea lions or raptors, just the neighbor's dogs, a couple of cats, and a dead squirrel lured out into traffic by the warm weather.

EJ said...

You might be right, Val. It would be better for my back. I still have a residual hitch in my gitalong from camping and my back tightens up when I sit too long. Maybe next week I'll sit in the back so I can stand up if necessary. I'm also trying to think of a safe place to have a little walk while Vicky is in tutoring. If the weather holds today I might explore that a little.

Random Walk Writer said...

Got my pedometer calibrated. 7,354 steps for 2.6 miles. Brings my total to 3.85 miles. Walking my son to and from his bus stop helps a lot!

Bonnie said...

Wait. I think 4.2 plus 1.6 is 4.8?

Make that 5.8.

I hope.

Jean said...

Mar, I have one of those pedometers, and I love it. It's less than $20 at Wal-Mart. It might be worth the splurge.

What? You missed the sea lions? They were fun. I didn't eat any. Sheesh.

Margaret said...

Hugs on the math, Bonnie. That's why I use a spreadsheet :).

And Jean, I answered before I saw the movie so I didn't quite get the reference. Still, I thank you for leaving a few for the rest of us to enjoy :). I'm thinking seriously about doing it. I love my current one because it's been very consistent for many years, but...

Margaret said...

Updated numbers based on estimates with the proper pants ;).

Steps: 5625
Miles: 2.21
Total so far: 8.06

I counted both walks because I had mileage and steps for them. This neglects both the WII and all that walking I did for laundry, but it's still better than what the pedometer told me :p.