Friday, February 15, 2008

Day 15

I forgot to put on my pedometer today, but based on how busy we were at work today and past mileage on similar days, I am calling in 1.5 miles. That gets me to 26.4 total.


Jean said...

I had my pedometer on today, but not much got logged.

5173 steps for 2.3 miles. For an aerobic count, I got 1781 steps in 17 minutes.

Total: 52.1 miles

Valerie Comer said...

Did pretty well considering I over-did my neck and shoulders this afternoon--cleaning my oven and then scraping a wall in prep for tiling. Yes, I knew it was too much, but I figured I was going to hurt anyway, it might as well be worth it!

Steps today: 9557/ 3.6 miles
Total: 43.7

We'll see about tomorrow. The way I feel right now, I'll be lucky to make 2k steps.

Margaret said...

Ouch Val. Take care of yourself.

And Jean, your light day is my normal :P, though I'm hoping that'll change.

Steps: 8222
Miles: 3.24
Total so far: 38.8

Two walks and shoulder exercise today. Colin had the day off so I had company for both, but it was rather cold and not all that appealing. We did get to see two hawks and the swan in the afternoon, along with the usual Canadian geese, muskrats, ducks and koots. I still think a swan launching into the air is the funniest thing I've ever seen and heard. It sounds like a hornet nest as it tries to get up enough momentum to lift its bulk :).