Saturday, February 9, 2008

Day 9

I went skiing today. Downhill. I know this is covering the miles by human propulsion, but I think I need to take a discount for the gravity-aided thing. Even though my legs are tired and shaky.

So, I'll say about 3 miles, to put me at 13 total.


EJ said...

Another slow day, but I did scope out a new route to walk a couple days a week.

Today: 1.2 miles
Total: 13.16

Jean said...

We saw a hot air balloon this morning. I snapped a couple of not-so-hot photos with the phone. Here's the news about it:

7800 steps for 3.45 miles today. Of those, 5361 were aerobic for 51 minutes.

Total mileage so far: 29.25.

Valerie Comer said...

A busy busy Saturday

10,400 steps/ 3.9 miles
Total so far: 26.2

Grumble mumble it doesn't seem fair that Jean gets so much more mileage out of her steps! What's with my short legs anyway?

I guess she has to start the fire by herself!

Margaret said...

Steps: 9285
Miles: 3.66
Total so far: 21.79

Interesting morning. We set out on our walk with the understanding it needed to be a long one. We didn't know how long until we got lost inside one of the other housing complexes. Guess you really can't get from here to there :P. Then we went for another walk in the afternoon and it was almost pleasant. I didn't wear my heavy winter jacket even. Saw the usual collection of birds, but the swan had left. Of course it probably flew off when my son and his friend, both completely lacking in survival skills, decided to wander around on the ice of our pond. Yes, they both fell in. No, luckily because it was such a warm day, they didn't freeze or die. And yes, they know better now. Oh, and I also did my shoulder exercise, all of which meant this is the highest total I've achieved so far :).

Jean said...

Come. Get warm and refreshed for the next leg of our journey. Plenty of hot cocoa, tea, and coffee for all.