Monday, March 24, 2008

24 March

I'm the first one awake today! Sleeping by the side of the road was a little difficult. A chipmunk kept trying to get into my pack. And it succeeded - it shredded the toilet paper. Sigh. Have to look for leaves now, until I get to the next city.

Miles today: 1.5 miles (I walked to the market and back this morning)
AT: 21.5

Couldn't get to the next shelter, so I'm out in the woods again tonight.


Jean said...

Catching up:

I estimated yesterday's count, because I forgot to wear the pedometer.

AT Total Miles: 68.78

YTD Miles: 166.61

Valerie Comer said...

Hiya Jean, good to see you checking in.

Claire--your realism there is scaring me. Mind if I just pretend no chipmunks can get in my pack? Thanks!

I was off work today for the Easter holiday, so went for a walk to the end of the road at 8 in the morning and again about 3:30. That helped with the steps.

9813 steps/ 4.03 miles
AT: 84.94
YTD: 182.04

Looks like I'm just a bit past Lower Trail Ridge Trail--who names a trail that, anyway?--and still a couple miles from Beech Gap, so I'm tenting.

Just keep the tp-loving chipmunks away from me. Please.

Margaret said...

Steps: 9416
PED Miles: 3.67
Non-PED Miles:
Total Miles: 3.67
AT: 69.98
YTD Total: 134.56

Felt pretty good today so went on a long walk in the morning, then it was laundry day so a lot of back and forth there, and an evening walk with Colin. Don't remember any particular birds, but ran into some fun dogs :).

meowser said...

My pedometer fell off today - luckily I found it in the car. So I'm going to estimate low today and give myself 1.5 miles.

It's a wonderful thing when you can find things you drop along the trail!

AT: 55.5 miles

neils said...

Finally made it out of Georgia! But it looks like North Carolina and Tenn. go on forever.

In preparation for NC Bonnie and I went shopping at REI last night. She bought a new sleeping bag. Magenta, as Kat would say, its a "find my body" type of color. But looks very comfortable and warm. Now we have no excuse for doing real hiking?

I had our cats guard my bag from the chipmunks. I have met hikers who have had their packs chewed into by the little pests.

Rode the stationary bike 10.58, evening walk after shoping 1.5

Total: 12
AT: 79.5

Bonnie said...

1.6 for our usual evening walk plus about half a mile doing the groceries and coffee and all that stuff.

today: 2.1
AT: 51.6
YTD: 94.9

Bonnie said...

p.s. good to see you here, Chanpheng! I'm sorry about the chipmunk, but they do things like that...