Friday, March 28, 2008

Day 27

Today's steps: 9354/ 3.85 miles
AT: 96.34 miles
YTD: 193.44

Jim needed to take the truck to work today, so I had the extra hour at home in the morning and walked on our road. In fresh snow. Brrrr. I went for another walk after work.

I'm about at Bear Pen Trail at the moment.Here is one thru-hiker's journal for this area--as well as a view of her gorgeous heel blisters. Eep.


chanpheng said...

I walked around the temple and yard, just enough to round up the 24.5 to 25 miles.

Miles today: .5
AT total: 25

Margaret said...

Steps: 7992
Total Miles: 3.15
AT: 77.37
YTD Total: 141.95

I refused to have another lame day so managed two walks. Didn't see much. Spent the time trying to get focused on my story…it didn't work.

Maripat said...

AT: 73
YTD: 119

I know. Keeping up with the count would be nice. Sorry. Sick. And lots on my mind.

EJ said...

I've been under the weather the last couple of days. Two day total is 1.7 miles.
AT: 47.05
YTD: 94.23

meowser said...

Just another day with not much walking. It's really too bad that I couldn't get out and walk on the days that it was nice and warm. But on the positive side, days like Thursday are when I really love my job.

Thursday: 1.8 miles
AT: 62.5 miles

Jean said...

I forgot to get my post in last night, but here's the data:

8122 steps for 3.58 miles

AT miles: 76.55
YTD miles: 174.38

Hugs to EJ and Maripat. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Davidson is leading Wisconsin! Bummer. In my "losing" bracket, I had them picked to go all the way. My "winning" bracket is doing pretty well, but I didn't have them losing until they hit UNC>