Saturday, March 29, 2008

Day 29

Woohoo! I broke 100 miles today!

Today: 4.17 miles
AT: 52.97
YTD: 100.15


Jean said...

This is likely to be my last report in for a while. I'll be working off-line for a couple of weeks (so I'll miss the campfire.) :(

8100 steps for 3.6 miles today.

AT miles: 83.4

YTD Miles: 181.23

Way to go, EJ!

Valerie Comer said...

Congrats, EJ! :D

And we'll miss you at the campfire, Jean.

Woke up to snow today, and not just a few random flakes. I did go for a walk, but wasn't very tempted for a second one to top off my steps.

Today: 5601 steps/ 2.3 miles
AT: 102.08
YTD: 199.18

Margaret said...

Don't forget to keep track. You'll leapfrog us all when you get back :).

Oh, and Val or Bonnie? Could you add a link to the progress map in the header? It'll be easier than tracking down that post that's getting farther and farther away :).

Steps: 6497
Total Miles: 2.56
AT: 82.21
YTD Total: 146.79

Today I was close enough that 50 minutes on the WII totaled enough to get over the goal :). Other than that, I did a Costco walk for about a mile and then another walk around the path. We saw a red-tailed hawk and a apatasaur…okay, a goose in the reeds, but it was raising and lowering its head just like Nessie.

Bonnie said...

Saturday: maybe half a mile
AT: 58.2
YTD: 101.5

Which pointer do you mean, Mar? Claire's map? Since that's only up to date on the day she posts it, I wasn't sure the header was the best place for it.

meowser said...

I can across some friends by the trail and spent the whole day talking around the campfire. I certainly didn't intend to do that, but it worked out that day.

I did so little activity because of a friend's housewarming party (small gathering) that I'm going to take a 0 for Saturday.

AT: 65.6

Margaret said...

Yep. I meant Claire's. And true about the updated, but it's kinda fun to look at when I think of it. Nevermind if it doesn't make sense.

Claire said...
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Claire said...

Congrats EJ :)

Today's steps, 6577 for 3.2885 miles. Went walking at the nature center, had to watch out for ice and hard packed snow on the trails. (It was above freezing today, but stuff from Friday's snow fall is still melting). Took some pretty pictures while walking, and got some maple syrup (annual pancake breakfast as part of maple weekend).

AT: 22.7985 miles

Re the map: Sometime this week I'm going to add a 'last updated' stamp on the web page for the map so it's easier to tell the date. I may also merge the css file into the html so it'll be easier to update the updated date. That way to I could possibly put people's current miles with their names. *gets ideas*

Ok, I got a chance to play with the map a bit, and put my current miles on the map. (I only updated that, it was last updated yesterday early afternoon). Would having miles on the map help make it easier to read?