Sunday, March 23, 2008

Day 23--Happy Easter!

I didn't count steps today officially, but I did two church services and cooked dinner, so I'm counting .93 miles to get me to Low Gap Shelter. Considering I've been averaging 1.2 miles on Sundays, that looks close enough to me!
AT Miles: 41.1
YTD: 88.28


Valerie Comer said...

I went for a shortish walk this morning, still pretty sore from the past few days. Thankfully yesterday was sunny and reasonably warm for the neph's wedding--today it snowed all day.

So it was hard to convince myself that a walk was a good idea this morning but I did make it out the door, so I'll consider it a success even though I didn't last long!

Today: 3075 steps/ 1.26 miles
AT: 80.91 miles
YTD: 178.01

Margaret said...

Today I'm waving hi to Hiawassee, Ga, but you better bet I'm not hiking the extra 11 miles just to get a hot shower :). Camping out in the wilderness again tonight.

Steps: 7879
Total Miles: 3.07
AT: 66.31
YTD Total: 130.89

Walked with Colin in the morning. We chased after a red-tail hawk but it spooked before we got close. Then walked in the evening all the way down to the bridge. Passed a family walking five dogs!

chanpheng said...

Bicycling again today.

Miles today: 10
AT: 20
YTD total: 20

So that means, I'm in Suches, Ga. Uh, "The Valley Above the Clouds." The pictures do look pretty nice. However, it's two miles off the train so I think I'll just sit down here by the road and make some hot chocolate.

neils said...

Walked around the pond with Bonnie again today 2.5, ran 3.25. I notice the willows are starting to turn green, a true sign that spring can't be that far off.

Today: 5.75
AT: 67.5

Maripat said...

10 miles over several days.

AT: 57

YTD: 103

meowser said...

Lovely walk in the morning. Just as I was contemplating the fact that I like to listen to my ipod when I walk around the neighborhood, but hate to listen to anything when I'm actually hiking... the ipod battery died forcing me to listen to nature (and cars) for the rest of the walk.

Sunday: 3.51 miles
AT: 54 miles

Bonnie said...

2.5 miles around the pond.

AT: 49.5
YTD: 92.8