Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Day 19

Walked 5400 steps for 2.4 miles. I'll be off line for the rest of the week, but I'll do a catch up post when I return.

AT Miles: 59.22

YTD Miles: 157.05


Margaret said...

Hope you're off having fun, Jean. See you when you get back.

Hey look! For once I'm actually at a shelter. Guess it was just a wee bit too nippy for me. I did backtrack just a smidge, .15 miles, to spend the night at Tray Mountain Shelter. I can't believe after all this walking I'm still in Georgia :p.

Steps: 9026
Total Miles: 3.56
AT: 56.35
YTD Total: 120.93

Who would have thought going to two events at the school would add up :). Did the morning walk and went almost 2 miles, then did an afternoon walk but a shortish one because it had dropped significantly in the temp and I hadn't noticed when I grabbed a light jacket. We did see a hawk and a bunch of other birds though :).

neils said...

Well it rained cats and dogs last night. Not that the dogs minded, but the cats were not thrilled :)

At any rate, yesterday was an in door day. I road the stationary bike 10.26 miles. That puts me a couple of miles past the Blue Mountain Shelter. Not sure whether to hike back to the shelter or huddle in my tent in the rain? Something to bonder.

Today : 10.26
AT: 50.25

Bonnie said...

Have a good time, Jean.

I stayed in the shelter yesterday and watched the rain fall. Did some yoga in the afternoon to keep from getting too stiff. *waves goodbye to Neil*

meowser said...

Just a day of leisurely strolling. According to the pedometer, the distance from the control room to one of the meeting rooms in the newsroom is 1/4 mile. That's half a mile for a round trip. Wow.

2.24 miles (1/2 mile of that to and from the meeting room).

AT: 40.5 miles

Random Walk Writer said...

17th-19th: 3.7 miles
AT: 15.2 miles
YTD: 45.3