Monday, March 17, 2008

Day 17

Happy St. Patrick's Day. Did you run into anybody Irish on the trail? I saw a leprechaun at Starbucks -- no kidding. Very short red-haired dude in a black suit and a very green tie. The only trouble was, he was driving a BMW SUV...

Anyway, I got 1.6 miles on our evening loop plus half a mile running around the grocery store and the parking lot and all that.

today: 2.1
AT: 40.2
YTD: 83.5


Claire said...

I got around 2 miles today, I wore my pedometer all day, and ended up getting a chance for a 20 minute walk after work. 4852 steps.

What's a good way to calculate steps per mile? I saw something online that had it at 500 steps = 1/4th a mile (so 2k steps for a full mile). Does that sound about right? Or is there a way to account for stride size (I take long strides).

And Happy St. Patty's day to all. (Was tempted to buy some Killians at the store today, but we have plenty of Yuengling already).

Jean said...

4700 steps and 2.1 miles.

AT Miles: 53.86

YTD Miles: 151.69

I'm smack dab between two shelters (Blue Mountain and Tray Mountain), so I'll be huddling in my tent.

Valerie Comer said...

Claire, my best recommendation is to use a vehicle (or gps unit) to mark out a mile, then walk it in your usual stride with your pedometer on and that's your steps/ mile. Realizing that some days and on some terrain your mileage may vary, still, it's reasonably accurate.

I walked this morning from home--cold wind. Then again a walk after work. Still a cold wind. Amazing.

Today: steps 10175/ 4.18 miles
AT: 58.90
YTD: 156.0

Margaret said...

If you want mathematical, take 100 steps in a place you can measure...or 10 if your space is small, and divide to get your stride length. Then times that by your steps. My stepper does it automatically, so accurate or not, that's what I go by until it gets warm enough to map the routes out with the odometer on my bike.

As I suspected, halfway between Blue Mountain and Helen, Ga. And hugs Jean. Hope you're feeling all right. I didn't expect to be so close. Are you sure you're calculating right? None of the calculations are broken, right?

Steps: 7483
Total Miles: 2.95
AT: 49.87
YTD Total: 114.45

School's back so did my walk with Jacob in the morning. Wore my special MBT shoes and the plastic interior gave me a half-dollar size blister that broke :p. Avoided shoes all day then limped my way through a second walk. I did my WII exercise in my slippers :). We did see the heron. I don't remember any hawks, I was kinda focused on my foot :P.

neils said...

First real day of MUD (Mindless Up and Down). Basically nothing new to report. Ran 3.5, walked with Bonnie 1.5 before bed.

Close enough to stay at the Whitley Gap Shelter. Hoping to make it to Low Gap for tonight as they predict rain and snow tonight.

Total Miles: 5.0
AT: 35

EJ said...

1.6 miles
AT: 29.67
YTD: 76.85

Maripat said...

5 miles
AT: 47
YTD: 93

meowser said...

Nice walk in the "morning" around my usual loop.

Today: 3.27 miles
AT: 34.44

neils said...

looks like Kat and I can share the same shelter tonight