Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Day 25

Ugh. Not one of my better days, and we won't discuss why. I managed to leave the pedometer on the vanity this morning, so when I came home to spend the afternoon here (because of why we won't discuss why, but it's going to be ok; don't worry), I picked it up and tucked it in my pocket. I'm going to give myself 1.5 miles today and 3500 steps based upon what I remember myself walking today.

AT miles: 70.28

YTD miles: 168.11

Hershey has kept the chipmunks away from our pack, but I think he's made friends with a bobcat that has taken to following us. I ache everywhere at the moment. I believe I'll resume taking my Tylenol/Aleve combo tomorrow.


Claire said...

Today I got 4319 steps, for 2.1595 miles. Most of that is my normal walking, with a short campus walk after work.

Saturday 0.981
Sunday 0.7505
Monday 1.405

AT: 12.796 miles

(I still need to calculate my stride length, so still going with the 2k steps for a mile. Hopefully I'll get that figured out sometime this week so I can have a more accurate count.)

Claire said...

While I'm remembering it, I've updated the trail map from today and yesterday's numbers.


EJ said...

Not sure how I managed to forget to post yesterday, but I did 2.75 miles. Today I did 1.5.
AT Miles: 45.35
YTD: 92.53

Looking at the numbers I'm a little flabbergasted that I will probably break 100 miles in the last two months without even trying. Who knew I was going so far, cleaning house, going to work, and running errands?

Valerie Comer said...

Hugs, Jean, I hope you feel better soon. Seems to be the days for forgetting the pedometer or losing it. Glad everyone is back on track, so to speak.

I went for a bit of a walk before groceries before work, then a longer one after work.

Today: 9172 steps/ 3.77 miles
AT: 88.71 miles
YTD: 185.81 miles

Margaret said...

Jean, you're scaring me. I hope everything works out. And thank goodness for Aleve. It's saved me a time or two myself.

Steps: 7681
Total Miles: 3.03
AT: 73.01
YTD Total: 137.59

Walked in the morning but the 60 MPH winds were tossing me around, then I had a school event, then I had to walk back along the path I drove to recover my oil cap :p (check my blog as soon as I post it if you're curious), and that's about it. Sure adds up.

neils said...

Ran 3.5 miles, then trail angels really kicked in. North Carolina is a wonderful state.

Like magic an open golf course appeared out of the long winter snow. Bonnie and I played hookie and did 9 holes (2 miles).

After that we went out to dinner at a local restaurant that we like. The owner Peg (hi if you are reading this) is also interested in hiking the AT, she said she might stop by. Turned out they were having a cooking class and needed a few more people to fill out the class, so we got a cooking lesson and dinner for free.

To top off the evening we spotted a deer on the drive home (fortunately he spotted us also and got off the road).

This morning there is a coat of snow on the ground, so back to reality.

Total: 5.5
AT: 85

meowser said...


9039 steps for 3.56 miles. And that was with NO morning walk. That was all walking around work. Parking is miserable at 4pm and I had to park far away. And walk all over. Several trips up to the new control room and several trips through different buildings. Wow.

AT: 59 miles

chanpheng said...

I walked a mile in the morning. Took a while to wake up, but once I got out the door, the air felt nice.

Miles today: 1
AT: 22.5