Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Day 11 (Tuesday)

Not much today; still sick. Maybe half a mile including the grocery store...

AT: 30
YTD: 73.3


Jean said...

Not feeling so hot today either, but I had an appointment with my nurse practitioner who's running tests. I won't be able to do the most critical one until the week of the 24th. Here's hoping it's nothing.

Today's count? 7200 steps for 3.17 miles.

AT miles: 35.22

YTD: 133.05

I'm not worried about where I am on the trail today. Pitching my tent and snuggling into my sleeping bag. I'll see you guys in the morning.

EJ said...

Busy couple of days. Yesterday I did 1.4 miles, and today I did 2.5.

AT Miles: 19.77 (Hmm, I think that was a pretty good year, but 1976 was better.)

YTD: 66.95

Feel better soon, gals. If you stay put, I'll bring you some chicken soup.

Valerie Comer said...

Have to argue, EJ. 1977 was my HS grad year, so I prefer it to 76 :P

Sorry to hear we have so many sickies in the bunch. Hope you gals feel better soon. EJ's brought the chicken soup, so I'm supplying lemon tea with local fresh honey.

Got a good walk in this morning for the first time in a few days. It rained during the night, but today was just cloudy and windy so not all that warm.

Today: 8073 steps/ 3 miles
AT: 33.6 miles
YTD: 116

Margaret said...

Hey, Bonnie and Jean, take care of yourselves. I hope you feel better soon and whatever it was, Jean, turns out to be nothing.

Steps: 7819
Total Miles: 3.07
AT: 32.75
YTD Total: 97.33

Somehow I managed to miss Blood Mountain all together. Hiked right through, confused and thinking I'd already passed it. Guess I better pay more attention to my water consumption, eh?

Took Helga (from the walking blog) on a walk along our stream. We didn't see any of the very interesting birds, but it was a nice walk anyway. Then Colin and I went at late twilight. It's weird how we can recognize the birds when it's too dim to see them by their flight and landing patterns. Become quite bird obsessed, we have. And I did my shoulder exercises.

meowser said...

10354 steps (woo-hoo!) for 4.08 miles!

My "morning" walk around the neighborhood was lovely today. It was a bright, sunny, clear day and being outside was wonderful.

But I think I understand why people sometimes start slow on the AT. I need to get into shape and not do too much too fast! My shins are sore today... (the morning walk has a big hill). I'm going to take tomorrow off from the morning walk to rest and get some chores done.

AT: 18.34 miles

neils said...
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neils said...

First day on the trail, trying to catch Bonnie.

Ran 3.5 miles a lunch
Walked 1 mile after dinner

Nice day but cool

AT: 4.5 miles

Maripat said...

I'm sick again. This is not funny.

2.5 miles.

AT : 31.5 miles.

YTD: 82.5