Monday, March 10, 2008

Day 10

Hang in there Meowser. Lots of us hike around missing the scenery.

8500 steps for 3.75 miles

AT: 32.05 miles

YTD: 129.88 miles

3529 aerobic steps in 33 minutes

I'm directly between two shelters, but I'm at the Levelland Mountain feature.


Maripat said...

5 miles today. 0 yesterday.

29 miles total for AT.

80 miles total for the year.

Valerie Comer said...

One of those days I just didn't get much walking in. I spent my usual walking hour in the grocery store and because I went to my neph's fiancee's bridal shower in the evening, couldn't snatch a quick walk after work either.

Today: 4455 steps/ 1.7 miles
AT: 30.6
YTD: 113

Being as I'm .1 mile past Neels Gap, I backtracked just so I could sleep in a shelter!!

Margaret said...

Good thing I slept in a shelter last night cause at my current rate, it'll be 3 days before I see my next one :).

Steps: 7743
Total Miles: 3.05
AT: 29.68
YTD Total: 94.26

Went on a walk with my youngest (spring break) in the heat of the day that was farther than I've gone on the walking path for almost a year. We saw two of what we believe to be kestrels dancing on the wind above the pond and enjoyed the variety of dogs out walking. Then Colin and I took another stroll. Didn't see much in the way of birds but more dogs, yes, including one that tried to follow us home, much to his mom's dismay :). And I did my shoulder exercises on the WII. Pretty lousy at it overall.

meowser said...

8768 steps for 3.45 miles.

I went on my morning walk around the neighborhood today for the first time in a while. It was cold, but I love being outside. The pedometer didn't measure it as far as the car odometer did last time I measured. But it's been a while since I measured the distance in the car so I'll go by the pedometer reading until I can measure it in the car again.

Not sure where I am on the AT, but I'll look up and find out soon!

AT: 14.26

Bonnie said...

Kat measured about 6.75 miles for the weekend in Detroit, so I'm guessing I'm at 5.75, since I didn't do the hallway walking with her.

Nothing today. Too sick.

AT: 25.5
YTD: 72.8