Saturday, March 22, 2008

Day 22 (Saturday)

We walked around the pond, then had coffee at the bookstore. I call that a great way to spend Saturday.

Oh, yeah, and the basketball :)

today: 2.6 miles
AT: 47
YTD: 90.3


EJ said...

Today: 2.5
AT: 40.17
YTD: 87.35

Odd how I get a lot more steps on the days I buy groceries...

Valerie Comer said...

LOL EJ, I spend too much time stopping and looking at things in the grocery store. I always think I should have clocked more steps in there.

This morning my daughter and I went for a walk. This afternoon I did setup and ran the kitchen for my nephew's wedding. Lots of steps, many of them in low heels. Hope I don't have blisters!

Today: 11908 steps/ 4.9 miles
AT: 79.64
YTD: 176.74

Margaret said...

Steps: 6535
Total Miles: 2.57
AT: 63.24
YTD Total: 127.82

Still not up to form, but I made sure I got in two decent walks. Got to see the heron and several hawks.

neils said...

Walked 2.5 around the pond with Bonnie. With all the rain we hav been having the pump house was almost under water.

Ran 4.0, felt good and went a little further then usual.

Total: 6.5
AT: 61.75

meowser said...

Nice walk in the morning. The trees are so bare and brown right now, I can't wait for spring and the green to arrive! Maybe it's because snow fell last year long before the leaves were picked up and now those dead leaves look so depressing. Warmer weather to walk in would be nice, too.

Saturday: 2.83 miles
AT: 50.55 miles

chanpheng said...

Sabaidee everyone!

I've been walking but too disorganized to estimate the miles and post! Any way, I got on my bicycle today to try to catch up. The rocks are a little difficult on the muddy trail, especially after the big storm that hit Georgia, and the tornado winds didn't help. But I got tired of seeing the puffs of dust in the distance - all of you up ahead.

Miles today: 10
AT: 10
YTD total: 10