Thursday, March 13, 2008

Day 13

Yes, I’m posting early today so I don’t forget to leave a message again. I took my walk this morning and did 3.5 miles. Two day total is 6.5 miles. (I’ve had to take my asthma medicine before and after the walk, but I’m making progress.)

AT total : 38 miles
YTD total: 89 miles


EJ said...

Oh, for pity's sake! My pedometer somehow got switched from miles to kilometers, and I can't see how to change it back! I don't know if it happened today or earlier. I suspect it was this way yesterday, too, but I'm not sure. I did 4 miles, I think, yesterday, and I was busy, so I'm (selfishly) going to assume I did something to it today.

Conversion for today: .5
AT miles: 24.27
YTD: 71.45

Guess I better look for the stupid book...

Jean said...

Ugh for the km snafu!

I love your story, random walk writer. Some of us flew from the West Coast Trail to the AT. It's ok that you took the bus -- much more scenic and none of those nasty virtual strip searches at the airport.

Helga, make sure you have your pedometer on for the housework and errands -- although I think I only logged half a mile for all that back and forth book hauling I did over the weekend, but it at least it counted.

Looking good, Maripat. And, EJ, I've been a little surprised by how much walking I've gotten in while feeling lousy. Most of it comes at work -- lots of back and forth between and within the building (inside, it's at least an eighth of a mile long or longer).

Today's another day like yesterday:

9193 steps for 4.06 miles

AT Miles: 43.62

YTD Miles: 141.45

Valerie Comer said...

A walk before work up and down a few hills in town, then I dragged hubby out for a walk once we got home. He has a new toy, a GPS, so it is now confirmed that our little road is due east-west. Also confirmed that my estimated steps per mile has been off, but today I'm posting based on the way I've been doing it because I'm too lazy to convert the whole thing over tonight.

Why yes, by golly, I'm going to collect my true mileage. It will make me look waaay better. And I'll stay ahead of Neil at least an extra day based on the revised. Not that I'm competitive or anything.

Posted photos of this week's kitchen backsplash project over on the other blog in case you all care.

Today's steps: 10422/ 3.9 miles
AT: 40.7
YTD: 123.1

Margaret said...

Steps: 8902

Total Miles: 3.51
AT: 39.74
YTD Total: 104.32

I know I thought I wouldn't get much walking today, but I took my writing group on a tour :). We got to see some of the big predator birds playing in the wind, a quail family, some killdeer, and of course the ducks and Canadian geese that are pretty much the standard. Then I went for the nighttime walk with my hubby. And I have proof my stepper records low because I was walking with Helga and her pedometer recorded many more miles/steps than mine did :).

meowser said...

Lovely little walk in the "morning". I really like being outside when it's bright and sunny! I'm sure I'll feel differently when it rains. But I'll be happier in a couple of days when the weather peeks above 50.

3.85 miles today. Not much walking at work when I'm stuck in a control room for 9 hours fighting off a migraine.

AT: 24.81 miles

Helga said...

Well, I think my pedometer might be miscalibrated, at least for these trousers. But since I'm way behind and could use the satisfaction of today's totals, false or not, I'm not even going to attempt to figure out if/how much over I am today. At least I'm walking, yeah? :) My husband has a GPS, too, so I should take that out and double check the mileage I get from my pedometer.

Today: 13,876 steps/5.25 miles
AT: 14.77

Bonnie said...

Hugs on the migraine, Kat. And with basketball, too...I do appreciate the sacrifice.

Wish Creston and Marlborough were closer together, Val, so we could all go out hiking for real again :)

I only got about half a mile today. Walked around the yard a couple of times, didn't spend the whole day on the couch. It was a beautiful day and I'm starting to feel much better. Woohoo!

neils said...

Rough night, the shelter was not very comfortable (or possibly it was the fight with my sister over care for my mother, but Bonnie can update you on that). At any rate got out early (actually had noon meetings) and ran my 3.5 mile loop. It was cold, but a nice day.

Managed a 1 mile walk at night before bed. Looks like I'll be sleeping under the stars tonight as no shelter is really near by.

Today: 4.5
AT: 19.75

Random Walk Writer said...


13th: 0.6 miles
AT: 9.9 miles
YTD: 40

Yeah, I suck at this. :-P

neils said...

Well the longest journey begins with a single step. But really I've always believed that all performance is relative to what you can do at this point in your life.

I've competed on track and x-country teams most of my life and there have always been people who beat me easily and people I beat easly. It doesn't mean I worked harder then them or they worked harder then me. They just had a different ability level.

So as long as your doing well relative to your ability and physical capabilities that all that matters.

I think with a new born you are doing excellent!

Bonnie said...

You're doing great, Erin. It's not easy to get back into the swing. The important thing is to keep going.