Sunday, March 2, 2008

Day Two

This morning after we ate breakfast at the hotel, we walked around Boston. We went up Boylston, through the Boston Public Garden, around the Common, and then down the Commonwealth Mall, which is a boulevard strip, not a shopping area. Here's a picture and information. And here is a picture of some of the houses along Comm Ave. When I was growing up in Montana, I used to think that living in one of these gracious houses would be the epitome of civilized living. Now that I've lived in the Boston area for nearly thirty years, I'm not sure I was wrong.

Anyway, we walked about 5 miles again. So that's 5 + 5 = 10 on the walk. 59.3 on the year. I'm getting so good at this arithmetic thing!


Jean said...

5200 steps for 2.3 miles.

3873 aerobic steps in 36 minutes.

2.3 + 3 = 5.3 miles for March

YTD: 99.05 miles

the.dragon.rider said...
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EJ said...

Jeezypeats!!! Sorry about the deleted comment. My daughter was logged in to blogger and I didn't notice until I posted!

OK, for simplicity, I'm going to lump the last three days together. I haven't worn my pedometer in two days, but I know I can do a half mile a day if I get up and sit around all day!

For March so far: 2.4 miles
YTD: 49.58

Margaret said...

Steps: 7889
Miles: 3.11
Total so far: 5.31
Total this year: 69.89

Moved furniture, walked to the hardware store, walked around the complex, and played on the WII. Busy day :)."

Valerie Comer said...

I firmly believe(d) that I left a comment here Sunday evening. Blogger ate it. Bad Blogger. No doughnut.

As I recall I had enough steps for 3.2 miles, March to date 5.6, YTD 90 miles.