Saturday, March 8, 2008

Day 8

Wow, busy day today. I did 3.6 miles doing volunteer work and just passed Justus Creek.
AT Miles: 14.05
YTD: 61.23

I'm shooting for Gooch Gap tomorrow. :-)


Valerie Comer said...

Didn't get as many steps today as we were tiling the kitchen backsplash and I went to a bridal shower in the evening. Neither adds steps up much! Still, it was far from a total loss.

5588 steps/ 2.1 miles
AT: 26.6
YTD: 109

Drat, I'm .2 miles from Woods Holes Shelter. You bet I'd have kept walking a bit farther if this were for real!

Margaret said...

If I'd been paying attention, I would have settled in for nthe night at Suches, Ga. Instead, I'm almost exactly halfway to Woods Hole Shelter and too tired to keep going.

Steps: 6913
Miles: 2.7
AT: 23.38
YTD Total: 87.96

Quick walk in the morning and saw the blue heron then walked over the stream and through the woods…umm across the parking lot…to the ice cream store and had sundaes as we walked back :). And did my shoulder exercise too.

Jean said...

This is my first post using Mar's tracking spreadsheet (very nice).

I seem to have been making some mathematical errors, so these entries (spreadsheet approved) will correct my poor math in public:

Steps: 6005
Miles: 2.65
AT: 24.8 miles
YTD Total: 122.63 miles

Maripat said...

Walked a lot today with the kids.

4.5 miles today.

AT total: 24 miles. I'm somewhere on that trail. I keep missing the shelters.

Total for the year: 75 miles

EJ said...

Way to go, Margaret--walk to get ice cream. Love it!

Jean, Excel is the only thing that's kept me straight. We're not homeschooling anymore, so I'm not required to add!

Did we lose some of our gals on the trail?