Friday, March 28, 2008

Day 28

I took a break on the trail and had molds made for new orthotics. Such a nice podiatrist. You never know who you'll run into along the trail.

7360 steps today for 3.25 miles. I managed to ramp up for 13 minutes and 1236 aerobic steps while mowing the lawn tonight.

AT Miles: 79.8

YTD Miles: 177.63

How are you doing?

Hey! I crossed the Georgia - North Carolina State Line yesterday and didn't even realize it. I think it's worthwhile to backtrack just a little to stay at Chunky Gal Trail tonight -- Boy! Is that an accurately named stop! Muskrat Creek Shelter is a mile back. You can bet I used the privy before hiking onward. At this elevation, I appreciate my toasty sleeping bag.


Valerie Comer said...

Went for a walk from home in the morning, and decided to brave the main road. And remembered why I hate it. Narrow, no shoulders, and lots of traffic including semi-trucks. It was windy and snowy and COLD in the afternoon so I didn't do a top-up walk.

Today: 8373 steps/ 3.44 miles
AT: 99.78 miles
YTD: 196.88

Huh. You'd think I could have got .22 more miles for the day and cleared 100. But I didn't! Tomorrow is another day.

Margaret said...

Just missed the Muskrat Creek Shelter and you better bet I'm not turning back for it :p.

Steps: 5824
Total Miles: 2.28
AT: 79.65
YTD Total: 144.23

I didn't get a walk this morning because I spent the time on the phone, so I knew I would be low. Took Colin out in gale force winds with who knows what wind chill and then made him wait for me as I went another quarter mile or so in a desperate attempt to get the 2.5. That got me to 2.06. Then pacing the house and playing on the WII for 45 minutes should have easily gotten the rest, but the whole time on the WII measured less than two miles despite being dripping. On the other hand, I lasted 4 or 5 full games after my warm up because we kept those little MII's hopping :).

Bonnie said...

Yesterday and today, about a mile total. Bleh. I was going to do the exercise bike tonight but it appears to be past midnight.

AT: 57.7
YTD: 101

Claire said...

Congrats on crossing the state line Jean. :)

For Friday I got 4290 steps (for 2.145 miles). We went over to the in-laws after work, and I played 'follow the leader' with one of their cats. (Walked around with the elastic they play with, and kitty followed :) ).

AT total: 18.811

Tomorrow our 'eat well live well' program starts for work, the goal being to work up to 10k steps a day (along with 5 cups of fruits and or veggies a day) so I'm really going to try and up the step count.

meowser said...

Jean, congrats on being in North Carolina!

A nice respectable 3.1 miles for me. Lovely (but cold) walk this morning. Why is it that I can only walk on cold days?

AT: 65.2 miles