Saturday, March 15, 2008

Day 15

An easy day today. 4200 steps and 1.85 miles.

AT miles: 49.18

YTD: 147.01


Bonnie said...

Happy ides of March, everyone :)

Did our regular loop tonight, plus some walking around the parking lot and the grocery store.

today: 2.1
AT: 34.1
YTD: 77.4

I guess I'm camping a couple of miles short of Whitley Gap Shelter. Hope the bad weather is gone...

EJ said...

Better today. I got some studying in this afternoon and learned that early symptoms of Vitamin B deficiency (or at least B's 1-3, which is as far as I got) are fatigue, irritability, and lack of concentration. Hmm, sounds familiar. I've already loaded my pill box with the vitamins I haven't been taking and will report back with results.

Today: 2.3 miles
AT Miles: 28.07
YTD: 75.25

Valerie Comer said...

Got a walk in first thing, then did a fair bit of walking when Jim and I cleaned out a storage shed on our property. The snow is busy melting, but it'll still take more than a day or two.

Mar built a simplified Val-style Excel spreadsheet for me, so I've inputted all my data thus far, based on the 2432 steps per mile rather than the 2662 I was using thus far. So this is my recalibration post!

Today: 9516 steps/ 3.91 miles
AT: 50.79
YTD: 147.89

I guess that puts me at Unicoi Gap, Helen, Georgia. Now that's a way to add miles in one day!

Margaret said...

Hugs on the anemia, Jean, but at least the treatment is easy (says someone whose been on iron since she was 14 :p). And hope the vitamins help you, EJ. Me, I'm feeling a little more with it. Cross your fingers, I may have blown through most of this cold.

On the trail, however, I've continued my illogical pattern of just too much for one and too little for the other to wind up between Low Gap and Blue Mountain :).

Steps: 6629
Total Miles: 2.61
AT: 43.73
YTD Total: 108.31

Ran errands all morning, went for a shortish walk in the freezing cold, and did my WII exercises for the first time in two days. Not bad overall, but not great for the mileage :).

meowser said...

Lovely walk this morning and I got to help a Dominos driver find someone's house. I have fantasies about coming across a pizza delivery guy when I'm hiking in the mountains. :D

After my brisk morning walk, it was an easy day of housework, reading and watching some TV.

Today: 2.92 miles
AT: 29.57 miles

Maripat said...

Today I walked a little over 4 miles, but I'll just count the four. Easier to do the math if I round down. Never up just down.

AT total:42

YTD :93

neils said...

Fairly normal day, ran 3.25 and then walked with Bonnie in the evening 1.5.

Coming down with the cold that Bonnie has had. Muscle aches and a head ache. We'll see how I feel in the morning.

To our amazement there is a ski area right off the trail (ok a 2 hour drive). So it look like tomorrow we will go skiing, probably be a low mileage day.

Today: 4.75
AT total: 29