Sunday, March 9, 2008

Day 9

Most of my miles came from walking from the library to the living room while moving books. I'm sorting them for the move. Then, of course, Hershey's two walks rounded out the rest.

7933 steps for 3.5 miles

AT Miles: 28.3

YTD: 126.13 miles.


EJ said...

Jean, you got an upper body workout along with your steps!

Today: 1.82
AT Miles: 15.87
YTD: 63.05

Oh, good grief, I missed Gooch Gap by less than half a mile. I knew I should have gone out this evening! Oh, well, it's 2.6 miles to Ramrock Mt. Guess that's what I'm shooting for tomorrow.

Valerie Comer said...

Today, a walk first thing. Seems I'm making a habit of pacing the lobby at church, too, during the service. Oh well :P

Steps: 6128/ 2.3 miles
AT: 28.9
YTD: 111.3

I'm just past Blood Mountain Shelter!

Margaret said...

Hugs on the back, Val. The rest of you are looking great :).

Steps: 8299
Miles: 3.25
AT: 26.63
YTD Total: 91.21

Two walks and shoulder exercises today. Colin even played a round of tennis with me. Got a good look at the bigger blue heron and saw practically a dog show with everything from a great dane to a pembrook terrier.

And look at that! I'm hanging out at Woods Hole. .03 miles just enough to set up my tent :).

meowser said...

Thursday: 2 miles of regular activity
Friday: 3.0 miles. Regular activity, walking through an airport, and just all around walking
Saturday: 2.95 miles. Regular activity, walking the hallways with my Grandma, and a nice walk around a large parking lot!
Sunday: 2.77 miles. Regular activity, walking the hallways with Grandma, and walking through an airport.

AT: 10.81 miles

I'm walking with my head down and not paying attention to the view. It seems that I virtual hike the same way I hike in the non-virtual world.