Friday, March 14, 2008

Day 14 (Friday)

I actually got out for a walk today (1 mile), plus did the laundry and some other work around the house.

today: 1.5
AT: 32
ytd: 75.3


EJ said...

Today: 1.5 miles
AT Miles: 25.77
YTD: 72.95

I have some computer work to do and then I'm taking my cat and going to bed...

Valerie Comer said...

Got in a walk before work today. Friday is my half-day, so after I'd done my FlyLady house blessing and a bit of writing I went for a second walk. Stats:

Today: 10442 steps/ 3.9 miles
AT: 44.6
YTD: 127

Valerie Comer said...

And then I went to see where I was, which seems to be Cold Spring Gap. Here's a cool trail hiker's journal entry for this location (and a pic):

Margaret said...

Nice work you guys, especially Bonnie. I have the utmost sympathy for you...sadly ;).

Steps: 3504
Total Miles: 1.38
AT: 41.12
YTD Total: 105.7

I have a cold and unlike some folks ;), didn't have the energy to keep trudging. Spent most of my time collapsed in the tent, then dragged myself less than 2 miles at the end of the day with an icy breeze freezing my nose. Tell me again what made us start this crazy adventure in the winter? ;)

meowser said...

Errands all day today, which mostly involved house cleaning.

Today: 1.84 miles
AT: 26.65

neils said...

Woke to a nice morning, around 32 degrees but no rain. Had noon meetings so ran 3.5 in the morning. Had a nice walk with Bonnie in the afternoon. Since she is ahead of me I guess it was a physical walk though we were virtually far apart?

Snowing right now, so we'll have to see what the day brings. With luck I'll catch Bonnie today or tomorrow and we can share the tent :)

Today: 4.5
AT: 24.25

Jean said...

Well, I was only feeling the effects of anemia, which has been verified by blood tests and corrective action has been implemented, so I'm feeling a little sprier now.

I forgot to report in last night, but here's the damages:

8410 steps for 3.71 miles.

AT Miles: 47.33

YTD Total: 145.16

Bonnie said...

Yeah, Mar, I had two days earlier this week that I spent in the tent not caring whether that noise outside was a bear looking for lunch. I think he decided I was too pathetic to even eat :)