Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Day 12

Thanks for the video, Val. I'm still feeling drained today, but I'm surprised at all the walking I got in, especially since Hershey and I really only took one walk today.

9822 steps for 4.34 miles.

AT miles: 39.56

YTD: 137.39 miles


Valerie Comer said...

Sigh. Sorry for the triple post of that video. Blogger and YouTube were out to get me last night and the two I thought hadn't posted showed up later. Anyway, I deleted the extras.

I see I'm going to have to watch my backtrail, with Kat and Neil starting out so strong. Way to go!

I walked the hill behind the store this morning from every angle, and walked to the neighboring farm for fresh eggs once I got home.

Today: 8512 steps/ 3.2 miles
AT: 36.8
YTD: 119.2

Helga said...

I didn't do much walking today; instead I dealt with cleaning house. The hardest part about this walking thing for me is going to be putting aside time for getting out to do real walks/hikes.

Today: 6,079 steps/2.3 miles
AT: 9.52 miles.

Yeah, you're not going to have to worry about me sneaking up behind you too soon. :)

Margaret said...

Steps: 8882
Total Miles: 3.48
AT: 36.23
YTD Total: 100.81

I guess I'm moving faster than I thought. Can we just pretend I did the extra .67 miles to get to Whitley Gap? Or am I camping out on the trail? My bones ache so maybe I am out there on the hard dirt :).

Took Jacob out to ice cream at Carvel cause they have 2 for 1 sundaes on Wednesday :). We go on the walking path then cut through a makeshift bridge over the stream and into the back parking lot. At least someone curled back the barbed wire :). Some of the kids use this shortcut to bike to school because there's no direct connection to the other housing complex. Then Colin and I went for our normal walk. Didn't see much except the cinnamon baby duck...I love the color of its body feathers.

neils said...

For some reason I don't see the comment I posted, so trying again.

It was snowing yesterday so I rode the stationary bike, a total of 10.65 in 30 minutes. With jogging over from the other building rounding to 10.75.

Spend the night at Gooch Mountain Shelter, not a bad place. No way I'll make Blood Mountain by tonight, so I guess I'll probably cowboy it.

Total Miles: 10.75
AT: 15.25

EJ said...

Jeez, Jean, sick you walked more than I did, and I had a good day! I'd say I have to get a dog, but I've walked my mom's dog--it's more stop than walk, and I can do that without a leash!

Hang in there, Helga--stop trying to save steps when you're cleaning and running errands and your average will creep up.

Two day total: 6.5
AT miles: 23.77
YTD: 70.95

Random Walk Writer said...

*sigh* I got lost there somewhere near the end of the West Coast Trail. (No, I will not be e-mailing to get a virtual completion certificate.) Took me a while to make my way over to the other coast here. :-P

Um, so totaling up where I am, um:

AT: 9.3 miles

Bringing up the rear, as usual.

Bonnie said...

No miles for me today. I spent it dozing on the couch.

meowser said...

A slow rest day for me. I needed the time to recover a bit and get some errands done (I was away all weekend and didn't get anything done). I did a lot of walking at work and ended up with 2.62 miles.

AT: 20.96 Woo-hoo! Progress!