Monday, March 3, 2008

Day 3

Current temperature in northern Georgia is 60*. That's far better than what I have here! (18*)

Today: 1.2 miles
AT total: 3.6 miles
YTD: 50.78 miles

(Did I leave anything out?)


Jean said...

Howdy, everyone.

3.55 miles today
AT Miles (switched from March Miles): 8.85

Total: 102.6 miles

Aerobic steps 3966 in 38 minutes.

Valerie Comer said...

First thing hubby says to me this morning is, "looks like we got a skiff of snow'. He forgot to mention that it was still *skiffing*. It kept skiffing until we had more than an inch.

Anyway, I went for a shortish walk before work, but gave up. It was sloppy and windy at the same time. Caught another shortish walk after work to make up the difference.

Today's steps: 7345/ 2.7 miles
AT Trail: 10.3 miles
YTD: 92.7

Margaret said...

Steps: 8399
Miles: 3.31
AT Trail: 8.62
YTD: 73.2

Did a lot of walking today. Saw both the great blue heron and the great white egret this morning but only had my cell and I haven't transferred the pics yet. Then did laundry. Then went on a long walk in the late afternoon. Caught sight of the other blue heron, much smaller, and some cute finches as well as the regulars. Oh, and one of the hawks. Then I did my WII workout. My new (pocket) pedometer is still ringing up fewer steps than my old one, but I'll go with it for the convenience and live with the difference I've decided. After all, it means I'm having to walk more, which is good, right?"

Maripat said...

Yeah, I know. I'm back to every other day of posting. Sorry.

Two days: 5 miles
Total: 9 miles

YTD: 60 miles. I've walked more but I didn't keep track very well after I hit my 47. I know 51 for sure though.

Bonnie said...

There's no requirement to post every day, Maripat -- if every other day, or even once a week, works better for you, then go with it.

I was a bit tired and sore after the long weekend, so we just went on our usual walk around the neighborhood.

today: 1.6
AT: 11.6
YTD: 60.9