Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Day 26 (Wednesday)

I forgot to check in yesterday, so this is for two days.

Golf yesterday, 2 miles, plus about half a mile walking around the house and yard.

Today: 1 mile walk early, plus 1.6 miles later.

total: 5.1, which puts me at the magic hundred mile mark for the year. YeeeHAAAWW!!!!

yesterday and today: 5.1
AT: 56.7
YTD: 100


Jean said...

Mar, I wondered how that wind would affect you!

I managed to get in 6106 steps today for 2.69 miles.

That brings me to 72.97 AT miles and

170.8 YTD miles.

I'm just stumbling down the trail, but I'm lucid enough to find the idea of Bonnie playing golf at this time of year remarkable. No snow or slush? Or is it the indoor course in Dubai? (Isn't that where they have one?)

Valerie Comer said...

I forgot to update my spreadsheet before shutting down the laptop, so for now I'll just report the 9191 steps for today, and do the math tomorrow.

A nice brisk walk before work in the sunshine--good thing, as it got cold and windy and even snowed most of the afternoon. In the evening hubby and I walked to the other end of our property and back which added quite a few more steps. It'd stopped snowing, wasn't windy, not that it was any warmer. Oh well. it's spring, right?

Margaret said...

Congrats on your marker, Bonnie. And Jean, it would have been much better if the gusts had ever been at my back, but...

Steps: 3076
Total Miles: 1.21
AT: 74.22
YTD Total: 138.8

Not the worst day I've had, but was too busy to go on either of my walks. That's a lot of steps to accumulate without a single walk :).

the donG said...

how i wish i can do that too... good job!

Claire said...

I got 3239 steps yesterday, not bad considering I had class (so I spent time doing homework instead of walking). I still need to put that number in my spreadsheet, which I'll do when I get home today.

neils said...

Nothing special yesterday, 3.5 mile run, 1.5 mile walk in the afternoon. It was over 50 here, and even with a little wind a very nice day to be outside.

I'll be in Michigan for the weekend helping my mother move into a nursing home, so no more posts till Monday. Everyone have a good weekend.

Total : 5
AT: 90

meowser said...

Another day of just normal activity. Why is it that when the weather is warming up nicely, I don't have the time (work schedule won't allow me) to walk. Hopefully the weather will be nice on Friday and Saturday so I can enjoy it while walking.

Wednesday: 1.61 miles
AT: 60.7 miles

chanpheng said...

Couldn't walk before work so I walked to a restaurant during lunch time.

Miles today: 2
AT miles: 24.5