Friday, March 21, 2008

Day 20

Hey, just a reminder that anyone can do these posts. You all don't have to wait for a West Coaster to be done with their day!

I forgot to log in yesterday, but I did 7549 steps/ 3.1 miles.
Today: 10148 steps/ 4.17 miles
AT: 66.69
YTD: 166.79

So it's trying to be spring here, but I'm betting Georgia is more successful at it. Looks like I am at Hiawassee, Georgia, within a stone's throw of a campsite, so I'm pretending that's where I am!


Margaret said...

I wasn't waiting...I swear :).

"Date: 03-20-2008

Steps: 9619
Total Miles: 3.77
AT: 60.12
YTD Total: 124.7

Gosh, I honestly don't remember how I walked that far. I saw a red-tail hawk, but that was from the car. It's been a nuts day :P. And I'm between shelters as usual.

neils said...

Ah finally ran into some of those trail angles that people talk about. It was nice to have a hot dinner for a change. I had scalops on couscous and bonnie had pork with asparagus (ok we ate out, but sometimes the virtual has to blend with the real).

Did the usual 3.5 mile run, 1.5 mile walk with Bonnie. Watched Belmont almost pull the upset, but no dice.

Today: 5.0
AT: 55.25

Bonnie said...

(Psst, don't tell anybody, but Neil would not have been happy if Belmont had won; he's a big Duke fan.)

The restaurant staff were angels indeed. Lovely dinner.

Today: 1.6 miles
AT: 43.4
YTD: 86.7

Claire said...

I walked 2436 steps yesterday (rounding up to 1.5 miles), and 4402 steps Wednesday (for 2 miles).

AT: 7.5 miles

(I rounded down another day with the steps, which I still need to figure my stride length so I can recalculate my mileage more accurately. Once I have my stride length I can put a formula in my spreadsheet to calculate steps to miles for me. I already have the sheet started, with formulas for totaling miles and steps).

Random Walk Writer said...

I wasn't waiting, just preoccupied. Do you know how hard it is to hike the trail (let alone type) with a three-month old?

0.2 miles
AT: 15.4 miles

YTD: 45.5 miles

meowser said...

A light day for me. 1.82 miles.

I got a bit more organized than I was before and my math has been off. I'm farther along than I thought I was!! [Isn't is amazing what happens when you actually organize you pack?]

AT: 46.31 miles