Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Hey, gals, check this out!

We caught the attention of the Parks Dept. in British Columbia! He's offered to send a virtual completion certificate of the West Coast Trail by e-mail if you'd like one. His e-mail address is in my comments. Did anyone else get a comment from him?


eric.baron said...


No, I only posted a comment to "EJ" because it was your posting that showed up on my Google News/Blog Alert.

I guess everyone else has finished the West Coast Trail virtual hike too, but for whatever reason thier entries didn't get picked up by my Google alert.

So I didn't mean to single anyone out. Anyone who has done the walking is welcome to email me and I'll email you back the virtual certificate. (You're welcome to print it out if you want.)

EJ has included my address on his/her blog, so please refer to that. (I don't want to put it up here too many times or I'll get spammed... more than normal.)

Congratulations to you all.


Valerie Comer said...

Very cool, Eric! And thank you for the offer. I'll take a bit of credit as the BC connection--and the fact that my kids live in Victoria and that my hubby and I love to visit Tofino when we get to the Island.

Margaret said...

Oh this is wonderful. Thank you, Eric.

Some day I'd love to hike the trail for real...even *gulp* the vertical parts...but for now this is the feasible way.