Friday, March 7, 2008

Day 7

I didn't make it to the next shelter, so I'm camping in drizzle and possible snow and freezing temperatures tonight. Aerobic steps are 3118 in 29 minutes.

I did get 3.65 miles today in 8240 steps
AT miles: 22.15 miles

YTD Total: 113.55 miles

I hope I got that leak in my tent fixed. At least I have a cozy sleeping bag.


Valerie Comer said...

9721 steps/ 3.6 miles
AT: 24.5
YTD: 106.9

It was nasty cold again this morning, six below freezing. Cold enough to need the headband and mitts again. But it IS melting daytimes.

Looks like I'm part way between Suches and Woods Hole Shelter. Somehow I think if I was really on this trail, I'd make a greater effort to get IN one at night.

Margaret said...

Steps: 8374
Miles: 3.3
AT: 20.68
YTD Total: 85.26

Wore my special walking shoes today, and in an attempt to stay on the paved road ended up lost in a housing complex :p. Didn't see any birds but the street naming convention is completely illogical :). I also went for a short walk with my hubby, saw the big heron and the quail family, then did my shoulder exercises.

And obviously I have to check out that map. I'm just tramping along, head down and rain coat tucked around my ears. Haven't a clue where I am, but the trail points north ;).

Also, Val, in her infinite wisdom, asked me if I'd put together a spreadsheet to track the walk. The answer is of course yes. If anyone else has Excel and would like a copy, just drop me a line.

Maripat said...

Another two day total of: 5.5 miles.

AT total: 19.5 miles.

YTD miles: 70.5

EJ said...

I'm with you Margaret. I don't know where I am; I'm just putting one foot in front of the other.

Friday total: 2.75 miles
AT total: 10.45
YTD: 57.63

Jean said...

I confess, last night was the first night I actually looked at where I was on the trail. I finally figured the terrain was too beautiful not to appreciate while I was tramping it.

And, I'm with Val, if I was actually on the trail, I'd be hitting a shelter every night!

Margaret, I'd love to have a copy of the spreadsheet.