Monday, March 31, 2008

Day 30

Walked in blowing snow again this morning, but being as it actually melted and turned somewhat nice in the afternoon, I went for another walk.

Today's steps: 11193/ 4.6 miles
AT: 106.69
YTD: 203.79

See you all at the campfire tomorrow!


Margaret said...

Steps: 8268
Total Miles: 3.26
AT: 85.47
YTD Total: 150.05

Two walks and my WII exercises meant a decent distance, but we also had a big thrill on the second walk. You'd never guess what we saw in our little strip of wilderness down through suburbia! A coyote. A young one from the size of him, and cautious enough to stay away from us, but Colin got some great pictures and I got a wonderful thrill :).

neils said...

Managed to survive Michigan, but it was a challenge. It snowed when I arrived, the highway was completely whited out on my drive out to my sisters. The rest of the weekend went better and my mother appears to be settling in.

I don't recommend side hikes to Michigan in March :)


Thursday - normal 3.5 mile run (lot of walking in the airport, but not sure how much).

Friday - did a lot of walking in the snow, actually took two walks, total about 3 miles.

Saturday - ran 3 miles first thing in the morning, then a 1 mile walk with my sister (really an accomplishment getting her out).

sunday - ran 3 miles first thing in the morning, lot of walking in the airport. Detroit terminal A must be about a mile long.

Total: 13.5
AT: 103.5

meowser said...

I must have been real energized after my 0 on Saturday because Sunday was my most productive day on the trail. Thanks to a a morning walk and a lot of walking at work I walked 5.66 miles.

AT: 71.28 miles