Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Day 5

Exercise bike today, because it's pouring.

added 1.6 miles for our usual walk. I'm tired...

today: 4 +1.6=5.6 miles
AT: 15.6 17.2
year: 64.9 66.5

That puts me at just past Gooch Gap Shelter. Spring at New Gooch Gap Shelter


EJ said...

Today: 2 miles
AT: 6.7
YTD: 53.88

Jean said...

Today, I nabbed 2.7 miles
AT: 15.05
YTD: 106.46

Valerie Comer said...

9701 steps/ 3.6 miles
AT: 17.1 miles
YTD: 99.5 miles

WooHoo! Gonna break 100 tomorrow! The sun actually shone today. Wow, I almost didn't recognize it. Snow's melting like crazy, but we've had so much this winter it's going to take a couple more weeks of this to actually disappear.

Margaret said...

That's a cool picture, Bonnie. And nice work the rest of you :). Great job on getting so close to 100, Val. I've got a ways to go, but I'm walking a little bit further every morning so hitting the 2.5 a day isn't being as much of a strain.

Steps: 7608
Miles: 2.97
AT: 14.74
YTD Total: 79.32

Two walks, nothing much interesting except a glimpse of the great blue, this time the skinny one, oh and a spooner with the long, flat-ended bill :).

Maripat said...

for the last two days: 5 miles.

Total for AT: 14

65 miles for the year.

meowser said...

Wednesday: 5436 steps for 2.04 miles. That was just everyday activity.

Total: 4.09 miles